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Princess Rapunzel Turns Into Superheroes! w- Spiderman, The Witch, Venom & Paw Patrol Chase IRL

Princess Rapunzel Turns Into Superheroes! w/ Spiderman, The Witch, Venom & Paw Patrol Chase IRL

Princess Rapunzel shows her superheroes friends what she can do by turning herself into Spidergirl. Suddenly, The Witch appears on the TV screen and uses her magic wand to put all of Disney Rapunzel's friends in jail. Spidey-Rapunzel goes outside looking for the Witch and uses her webs to tie up the Witch. However, The Witch calls her evil friends for help.

Venom and Darth Vader rush to aid the witch and tries to fight Rapunzel. However, Rapunzel defends them by turning herself into Captain Rapunzel. She uses her shield to block all the hits from Darth Vader and Venom and pushes them away. Darth Vader takes out his red lightsaber and Rapunzel continues to use her shield to protect herself. She then throws the shield at Darth Vader which causes him to fly back. Venom realizes that Rapunzel do not have the Captain America shield anymore, so he tries to beat her up again.

Rapunzel then transforms into The Hulk and hit Venom super hard into the sky. She then transforms into Supergirl and flies up to slam Venom to the ground. Realizing that their powers are no match against Super-Rapunzel, Venom and Darth Vader speedily flee away. The Witch has recovered and this time, he has stolen Rapunzel magic staff and transforms Super-Rapunzel back to normal and himself into Godzilla.

He chases Rapunzel and is about to eat her. But luckily, Paw Patrol Chase is nearby so he throws a giant blue ball at Godzilla and then uses his net. Chase transforms The Witch back to normal and takes him away. Rapunzel and Chase free Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, and Captain America and put The Witch in jail.