Hero The Superstar | হিরো দ্যা সুপারস্টার | Theatrical Trailer | Shakib Khan | Apu Biswas | Bobby

7 years ago
Hero The Superstar is an Dhallywood film directed by Bodiul Alam Khokon. The film stars Shakib Khan in a dual role, with Apu Biswas and Bobby in the female lead. while Amit Hasan, Shiba Shanu, Misha Sawdagor, Nothun and Uzzol play supporting roles. It is a remake of two Telugu Film Rebel , starring Prabhas and Naayak starring Ram Charan. The film marks the debut of Shakib Khan as a producer. Hero: The Superstar released on Eid al-Fitr of 29 July 2014 in 120 screens which was the most wide release for any Bangladeshi film. The film broke several records on its opening days in Bangladesh and currently is the highest grossing film of Dhallywood.

Hira (Shakib Khan) is a software engineer by profession and very candid at heart. He is smitten by Priya(Apu Biswas) and he falls in love with her. Salma Khan(Nothun), Priya's Sister and a local rowdy, comes to learn about Hira, and wishes to kill him.

Salma Khan puts her men on Hira's trail and arrives at a place where they plan to kill him, but things don't go as planned. Salma Khan witnesses the killing of a senior police official by Hira, only to return home in complete shock and fear. Puzzled at the sight of the murder, Salma Khan sends her entourage to investigate about Hira.

Meanwhile, a CBI officer(Shiba Shanu) comes barging into Salma Khan's residence and takes her into custody, where she is told that Hira is wanted for the murder of several rowdies much to the astonishment of everybody. Who is Hira and what prompted him to kill? This forms the rest of the story.