Our Prophet (saas): 'When Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, he will send his students all across the earth, and the students will communicate looking at their palms (the cell phone).'

  • 8 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: Imam Sadiq narrates from the Messenger of God (saas); "The Messenger of God decreed; when Mahdi appears, he will send his students all across the world and tell his student: "Your responsibility lies in your palm." In other words, the information you will receive is in your palm. "If you come across something that you cannot comprehend, look at your palm and you will see; act accordingly." What does this refer to? It refers to cell phones. Look, our Prophet (saas) says, "he sends his students all across the world" and then he tells his student "the information you need will lie in your palm, look at there and you will see." "And they will see it and act accordingly" says the Messenger of God (saas).



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