7 years ago

Incy Wincy Spider Nursery Rhyme Song | Itsy Bitsy Spider Children Rhymes

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Children! Let's help the Incy Wincy Spider out! We know that in the nursery rhymes the spider is trying to climb up the spout. But its path is full of difficulties. How can you'll come to the rescue of your eight legged friend is by singing the Incy Wincy Spider rhyme during playtime activity. What good is that? Well, the moment you babies begin to sing, the spider will know you toddlers are behind it. And want it to complete the climb. So it will be motivated to go up! In fact, it's looking at you little ones right now with a playful look on its face. We're sure you toddler don't want to keep the spider empty legged! So let's give it the push it needs to climb up the spout! Below are the lyrics of the kids song!