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It's OP Sharma's magic, leaves the audience enthralled

Magician OP Sharma hypnotizes Allahabad audiences with his magic recently. OP Sharma and his son O.P. Sharma Jr. now the known magician of India. His magic tricks are worth watching. Beginning at the young age of 5 years, O.P Sharma has reached more than 36,600 shows across the country and abroad with the 46 long years in the magic world. Growing up in a middle-class family of Baliya, Uttar Pradesh to completing his engineering course from Kanpur and becoming a world-famous magician, it was never an easy ride for him. It was always his passion and luck that worked in his favor and brought him to where he is now! His charming personality, his grace, his humor, performance sense and above all love for his audience all together just comes in a package that viewers get to witness.

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