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Kanpur: Injecting of green vegetables with growth hormones, farmers say it gets us profit

The bigger & good sizes of vegetables and fruits in the market may look attractive, but people should think twice before purchasing them. They are usually the results of oxytocin hormones injected in fruits and vegetables. Whereas a ban imposed by the Union health ministry on sale of controversial hormonal drug Oxytocin through pharmacies to curb the misuse of the injection by the farmers, farmers in a desperate bid to make their green produces like bottle gourds. Bitter gourds and cucumbers look even fresher, bigger and greener are the result of injecting the veggies with this hormone. In Kanpur villages, many vegs. farmers are using this method to make their profit big. Watch this video to know more about this. A Sting Operation is done by at Ganga Katri area in Kanpur. The farmers growing vegetables have been clearly seen injecting oxytocin to the small-sized vegetable articles to make them get large very fast. This sort of deadly agriculture is done in thousands of hectares in Kanpur.

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