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7 years ago
The Wheels on the Bus has only 12 places left. Nursery rhyme have to hurry to be in the compilation. But the question is, where are they? The Pigs Finger Family has not gotten out of the pit still. The Incy Wincy Spider is happy to climb up the spout. The Ten In The Bed are busy rolling over. The Three Little Kittens aren't going anywhere till they find their mittens. The Five Little Babies are having too much fun jumping in the bed and don't want to stop. Hickory Dickory Dock... The mouse ran up the clock and didn't come down. The Five Little Skeletons are more than happy to sing the Happy Halloween Song. Bingo is taking a nap in the farmers' lap. Kids! You'll start the nursery rhyme compilation. Tell all those rhymes you'll are coming to playtime, in the bus. See how they all line up to be in the bus in a jiffy!