five little pumpkins | scary pumpkin | halloween song | nursery rhymes

7 years ago
Toddlers, you have been tired after a long day of trick or treating and you are all ready to go to bed. Your parents have tucked you to sleep with the help of a nursery rhyme and you are almost asleep when suddenly the 5 little pumpkins tap you and tell you they want to play some more. You want to say no, but you look around you and you see a scary pumpkin next to you! You look to your left, and there is another one! Overall, there are five scary pumpkins and they are singing the scary rhymes! Before you know it, pumpkins are jumping all over the bed and your turn is coming soon! Is there anyway for you to get out? Let’s watch this scary video to find out!

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™