XM-177 E1 Retro AR15 SBR | Custom build inspired by the Vietnam Era Colt Commando

7 years ago
This is a 10.5" 5.56 retro SBR inspired by one of the first military M16 based short barreled assault rifles, the XM177-E1, the weapon from the AR-15 platform to include the round handguard, adjustable length stock, short barrel, and features. It came with a moderator muzzle attachment, but was often modified by field gunsmiths with shorter muzzle devices like the A1 flash hider or Birdcage. This rifle uses a Nodak Spud A1 Retro receiver, A1 handguard retainer, thumb shaped forward assist, and carbine handguard as well as an FSB with no bayonet lug.

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