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ANIMAL JAM TWINKLE PANDA UNBOXING in Association with National Geographic

Ian MacDonald
Ian MacDonald
National Geographic Animal Jam is a multiplayer online world launched in 2010 by WildWorks in partnership with the National Geographic Society. The game, which has experienced 500% year-over-year growth, has more than 50 million registered players, and it is one of the fastest-growing online kids properties worldwide.

Animal Jam takes place in a fictional country known as Jamaa, containing various biomes and cartoon player-created animals. Players can create an animal with an anonymous 3-part name, such as "Lucky Coolpride" and "Majestic Smartybear", dress it up with virtual clothing, and control it in the gameplay environment. Players can also customize their den with furniture, chat with other players, adopt pets, play minigames, buy additional furniture and clothing with gems and diamonds, attend parties, and go on various RPG-style adventures.

The in-game economy is made up of gems that can be obtained by playing games and participating in many other activities. There is also a more valuable currency of diamonds which can be obtained through Animal Jam Outfitters purchases, membership purchases, and the daily spin. In addition, a diamond is distributed to members once every week.[citation needed]

Players can obtain clothing and furniture they desire through a player-wide exchange system in which one player offers items for another player's item displayed on their profile's trade list.

Today we unbox Twinkle Panda as suggested by one of our YouTube Fans, named Dakota , thanks for sending in a comment.
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