करिश्मा | Karishma The Miracles of Destiny | Episode No. 48

  • 8 years ago
Karishma – The Miracles of Destiny The serial follows the story of Devyani (Karisma Kapoor) who from humble beginnings went on to become a very successful businesswoman. The story begins with an aged Devyani, now a 67-year-old mother of two grown-up sons Jai and Sameer (played by Harsh Chhaya and Ayub Khan) and grandmother of Kunal (Jugal Hansraj), is attending a ceremony to celebrate her life achievements. An attempt is made on her life when a gunman fires at her, but she survives as the bullet only scrapes past her arm. The hitman escapes. It is later revealed that her sons plot to have her killed to inherit her wealth. There is also a mysterious character named Aarnav (Arbaaz Khan) who wants to write a novel based on Devyani's life but seems to have an ulterior motive.

The story shifts between Devyani in New Zealand and in Mumbai where a looklike of Devyani named Avni (also Karisma Kapoor) is introduced. Her childhood friend Pakiya (Arshad Warsi) sees a picture of Devyani in a newspaper and tries to find a connection between Devyani and Avni. The story also goes in flashback of Devyani in her 20s and the men in her life including Arjun and Amar (played by Vikas Bhalla and Sanjay Kapoor).

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