7 yıl önce

Both our soldiers and our police officers constitute a whole and they all are our brothers. The place of our soldiers is in their military posts and on the front lines in the struggle against the PKK

ADNAN OKTAR: The duty of the army is to fight against the PKK. And they do so valiantly. They have no other duty. Their only responsibility is to defend our homeland. Therefore, we present the Mehter anthem as a gift to our nation, our country, our people, insha'Allah. No harm will come to our nation. There is no need for panic. Stocking food, etc. is absolutely unnecessary. There is no need to withdraw money from ATMs; there is absolutely no need for such actions. Turkish people will never accept such attempts. Brother fighting against brother, all this dissension, soldiers against police officers is absolutely unacceptable. Both our soldiers and our police officers constitute a whole. All of them are very dear to us; all of them are our brothers. The army's place is their military posts or the front lines against the PKK. Its duty is to fight against them and nothing else. 

BÜLENT SEZGİN: There were a few images showing "the people took to the streets".

ADNAN OKTAR: In no way would Turkish citizens desire a coup. Ours is a rational, level-headed nation. They despise the PKK; they will never tolerate the treacherous activities and schemes of the British deep state; they will never allow anything that will set brothers against brothers. They bravely come out and speak up and settle issues through democracy. And the Turkish army would never engage in such seditious activities. Our soldiers are sensible, rational people. They will never allow such attempts within the army. And, be it special operations or other departments, our entire police force consists of patriotic, courageous people anyway.


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