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The signs leading to faith and the miracles of the Qur'an are the means to get closer to God

ADNAN OKTAR: The verse 35 of Surat al-Ma’ida, I seek refuge in God. Almighty God says, "You who believe! Have fear of God and seek the means of drawing near to Him, and strive in His Way, so that hopefully you will be successful.” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 35). The means of nearness to Him, the signs leading to faith and miracles of the Qur'an; this is what we do. We are searching for the means, for instance by studying the structure of a protein. We are studying everything about a cell including the structure of the cell, vacuole, mitochondria and Golgi apparatus. We are revealing all kinds of news, any news about the end of the world and on Mahdism, the fallacy of Darwinism, paleontological evidences. Thereby, we do not only prove the existence and oneness of God, but also search for and find out many reasons and the means of nearness to God. When Almighty God commands, "seek the means", He says you will find the means. In other words, you will find a number of means. And, this is how we seek the means. It is all about having a sincere faith in the existence and oneness of God. In almost seventy percent of the Qur'an, God refers to the destruction caused by the faithless and the actions to be taken by Muslims in this regard. God regards the greatest problem as the issue of unfaithfulness. The Qur’an elucidates destruction by the faithless. For that reason, signs leading to faith are important. For instance, Risale-i Nur Collection is a means. God says, "seek the means." Therefore, the faithful sought and found out Risale-i Nur, which is a means. The books by Harun Yahya are a means. When one finds out about them, he also finds the signs leading to faith and the means of nearness to God.
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