7 yıl önce

Bigotry decays the minds and souls of people. It is the reason the Middle East is devastated.

ADNAN OKTAR: According to the traditionalist orthodox Islam, women should be poorly groomed, cover their heads and wander around like pickle jars; they should do nothing but stare blankly; there should be men who talk like "I have a query to put to you." At that case, there won't be any healthy, energetic youth left. People's brains will become blunt. This is one of the methods used in order to devastate the Middle East. They are destroying the mental capacity of people by corrupting the human nature and taking away the vitality and health of the brain. This is ruining people's brains, causing them to decay so to speak. The souls, the minds of people are decaying and you witness the misery and desolation it leads to. Everyone attacks, beats, and shoots at the Syrians, Iraqis; they are devastating the whole Islamic community. They are plotting all kinds of plans to slaughter Muslims. There is an unconceivable environment of hatred. They miseducated the youth as they aim for a benumbed, insentient youth instead of an energetic, vigorous one. They want the brains, the souls of the youth to decay; they are corrupting their nature and turn them into misogynists. They are destroying the feminine beauty. And they quietly cause the Middle East to decay. Look, these people describe the Middle East as a “swamp,” “the Middle East swamp.” What does swamp mean? It means that the Middle East has decayed. This is a part of their plan. Do not fall into this trap.

Women should look feminine, men should look masculine. There should be music, there should be entertainment. Only then will the minds of people stay healthy and active. Otherwise, their brains, their minds will decay leading to schizophrenia, may God forbid, leading to their ruin. This is how they devastated the Middle East. I do not mean that this happens to everyone but generally it has such an effect on people. The brain cannot handle such pressure. Look, prayer is not described in great detail [in the Qur’an]. Why is that? Even though prayer is not described in great detail, bigots still create a thousand-item list of what will invalidate the ablution. Don't you have any fear of God? How can you perform prayers like this? Bigots claim, “If you think even for a second whether your prayer is invalidated or not, the prayer will become invalid.” Isn’t a person allowed to be distracted even for a moment? But bigots claim that even a moment of distraction is enough to invalidate the prayer. They claim that if a person cannot distinguish the obligatory, traditional or wajib parts of prayer or think about them, it will invalidate the prayer. They claim that if a person lays a stress on the “b” sound while saying “Allahu Akbar,” the prayer will become invalid. They claim that, for example, if a person does not pronounce a word properly while reciting Surat al-Fatiha, or does not lay proper emphasis on so and so words while reciting, for example, “Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil 'alamin,” the prayer will be invalidated. What can I say? May God show them the right way. May God grant them a clear mind. These bigots ruin people's faiths. They alienate people from performing prayers by greatly complicating it. As Almighty God is aware of this, He says rukuh, sujud and qiyam are enough to perform the prayer. As long as rukuh, sujud and qiyam are included in your prayer and you remember God’s name, it will be sufficient. The prayers the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) performed would only take five minutes or so. But the prayer these bigots perform seems as if it will last forever. They say that the feet of our Prophet (saas) would swell up as he would perform his prayers until morning. Does performing the prayer until one's feet swell up sound logical? What kind of mentality is that? Bigots have led the Islamic community to ruin. They have and continue to do so.  



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