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6 years ago

Your Grace O Lord I Feel When I Worship and Confess- English Christian Music Pop Rock Songs w Lyrics

Sourabh Kishore
Presenting our Christian Music Pop Rock Song based on the lyrics written by the amazing gospel poet Brother Kenneth Mood!
Music, Composition, Voice: Sourabh Kishore

Your Grace O Lord, I feel, when I worship, and confess my sins
My faith, rests in You, in your miracles, and your love for me
O my, heavenly Father, stay near me, rest in me, and hold me
Help me find, my peace, my happiness as I receive your holy spirit

Father of Heavens
Father of goodness
You are God of wisdom and grace
How wonderful
How beautiful
You are the light
You are the shelter

There is joy
For each day
There is food and rice for me
Your love is flowing
Your truth is glowing
I see the garden of Father

I am amazed by your grace
I see the kingdom in my dreams

My heart O Jesus, belongs to you, My heart is on fire in love with You
O holy ghost, you healed my pains, your holiness has changed the way I live
I hear your voice, your songs, your tunes, as I rise up every morning
I love to see the heavens, and stars, I see you smiling every night

Lyrics by Brother Kenneth Mood
Music, Composition, Voice: Sourabh Kishore

Original composition copyrighted internationally

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