Spirituality: Kriya burn Karma? Talk on Kriya Yoga and Karma

  • 16 years ago
Talk on Kriya Yoga and Karma.
Dr. Acharya Yogeesh: Kriya Yoga does not burn karma. It only burns toxins within the body. It removes unwanted material. The more oxygen that goes into your body the more toxins will be released.
Yes, once you are detoxified you are healthy.
A healthy, cleansed body doesn't burn karma on its own. A person must learn meditation and Samadhi. No one ever follows the foundations as mentioned by Patanjali in his yoga sutras. Everyone skips over Yama and Niyama to the 3rd and 7th Step. Breathing, Yoga and Meditation. It is rare for someone to jump to meditation/Samadhi without first learning the process. Kriya Yoga does not bring Samadhi or burns karma, it only makes a person's body healthy.

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