LEAKED This ‘Cozy’ Picture Of Hrithik With Kangana Gives Out A Lot Of Secrets

  • 8 years ago
The Hrithik Kangana affair has kept the nation hooked for some time. However with each one taking a weird stand things never came to light. This pic here show them getting close in Arjun Rampal’s house right after their film did well. The pic speaks a thousand words and is enough to set some one thinking. Showing the two Krrish 3 stars together it is more like they are just happy being together and don’t care for anyone in the world.
This is perhaps one of the most intriguing cases where the girl is openly flaunting her ex love easily and the guy in question Hrithik totally negating any connection for reasons best known to him. Hrithik can well admit that he did have a relation which is anyway being endorsed by Kangana. Also with Hrithik claiming that Kangana was actually speaking to an impostor we still do not know why the impostor is not yet owning up .