Horrible Bosses 2 - Reviewed in 60 Seconds

  • 8 years ago
Horrible Bosses 2: Dale, Kurt, and Nick need 500,000 dollars to save their business from an evil corporate overlord, so they form a phony kidnapping plan with his insane son. But naturally, things spiral out of control. And comic hilarity ensues! The Horrible Bosses movies both work because they touch on relatable recession themes. However, while the first one was a delicious layered cake of antics and heart, the sequel was all icing. Personally, I enjoyed how shameless the movie was with it's vulgarity, and director Sean Anders deserves credit for giving a fresh and surprisingly slick look to the film. But stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day may have been given too much free reign to banter and ad lib. Sometimes they talked so often and and so fast instead of laughing I just wanted to hit them. But the biggest problem was how unrealistically stupid Kurt and Dale became. In the first one they were just naive, but the characters in the sequel should not be allowed to leave the house without professional supervision. But it was entertaining and made me laugh, so we're giving it 3 and a half purple walkie talkies out of 5. Why purple walky talkies? See the movie to find out. Horrible Bosses 2 is in theaters November 26.