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Shimmer from Shimmer and Shine Surprise Genie Egg and Toys on Nick Jr.

Lets open a huge surprise Play-Doh egg of Shimmer, our favorite genie from the Nick Jr. show Shimmer and Shine. Shimmer and her twin sister Shine make wishes come true for their friend Leah.but they SOMETIMES make mistakes. There are so many fun Shimmer and Shine episodes on Nick Jr. Who is your favorite Shimmer and Shine character..Shimmer, Shine, Leah, Tala, Nahal?\r
The Shimmer surprise egg comes with surprise toys including Kinder Eggs, Little Charmers, Yo-kai Watch, Paw Patrol, Tsum Tsum, My Little Pony and more!\r
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Hi Shimmer and Shine fans! Today we are going to open this huge play-doh surprise egg from Shimmer and Shine! Do you know who this is? This is Shimmer, our favorite genie! Shimmer makes wishes come true with her twin sister Shine, but they SOMETIMES make mistakes. Shimmer has beautiful pink hair and white pearl jewelry on the head. She also has big blue eyes and wears green diamonds and earrings. So Are you ready to open up this play-doh surprise egg with me and find the toys inside? Lets go!\r
Lets start with taking off her big blue eyes and her long eyelashes. And then her eyebrows… her little nose…. her mouth… and her green diamond and the white pearls! Woops I dropped some pearls. Now lets take off her ear and green earring. And then her face… and finally her pink pony tail! Now Im going to remove this pink play-doh and open the surprise egg! Wow look at all the toys inside! Lets get started!\r
The first toy we have is from Little Charmers! Nice, its Hazel and Seven! Lets open it up and take a closer look! So here is Hazel, she has pink hair and she is wearing a purple hat and dress. Cool, you can move her head, arms and legs! And right here is her magic wand! And we also have her favorite cat Seven! Seven is purple too! Does Hazel and Seven remind you of Shimmer and Tala?\r
And the next toy we have is an Angry Birds Paddle! Lets try it out! OK, you have to hit this little ball with the red Angry Birds paddle. Are you ready? Wow this is hard! \r
And the next toy we have is this purple surprise egg! Wow there are so many alphabet letters inside! Lets see what they spell! S-H-I-M-M-E-R… Shimmer! Its the name of our favorite genie Shimmer! \r
Awesome, we have a Kinder surprise egg! I love opening Kinder Eggs! Here is the flyer. Cool!.. We found a My Little Pony Toy….Its Princess Twilight Sparkle, my favorite! Her tail is made of real purple hair! and here are her wings! Lets put them on for her… and here is a comb for her hair… it can also be used as her stand! I think Leah would love a My Little Pony doll…what do you think?\r
And the next toy we have is a Yo-kai Watch toy! This is a Medal Moments Jibanyan figure. Here is the collectors guide. And here we have the jibanyan figure.. a stand and a yokai Medal. You can also put the jibanyan medal on the top of this yellow stand…so cool!\r
And the next toy is a Paw Patrol Frisbee. Nice, I love Paw Patrol. This is Chase, Rubble, and Marshall. If I threw this Frisbee, I wonder if it can fly higher than Shimmer and Shines magic carpet? \r
And right here we have a very cute stuffed monkey! Wow, it looks so real. Look at the 2 big round eyes. This monkey looks like Tala, Shimmers pet monkey. OK, what noise does a monkey make? \r
Right here we found a Disney Tsum Tsum toy! I love collecting Tsum Tsums…they are so adorable! Here is the collectors guide. Wow look how many we can collect! Each character comes in size small, medium and large! Lets see what figures we have here! The first figure we have is a large Micky Mouse! Look at his little tail in the back! And we also have an Alice tsum tsum in medium. She is wearing her blue dress and black headband. And last we have Whinnie the Pooh in small! Look how tiny he is! Now lets stack them up! This is so funny and adorable! Oops! I dropped Pooh! Im sorry, are you ok?\r
And we have one last toy in the surprise egg! Its a green diamond ring! And it lights up! The light inside of the ring makes it super shiny! Just like the green diamond that Shimmer is wearing on her forehead! \r
So here are all the surprise toys we found from the Shimmer play-doh surprise egg! Thanks for watching my video! Please subscribe and stay tuned for more fun videos from Shimmer and Shine! See you soon! Bye!