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Red Dead Revolver [v2] - 22. Devils and Angels

Red stopped the train, but Diego is still hiding inside.\r
This chapter can be tricky or just plain easy. Your biggest problem is getting Diego out. If youre behind cover you cant shoot him, but if youre in the open people can shoot you and you still cant shoot Diego, since he doesnt even really pop out. What to do? Well, the solution to lifes every problem, even to those that guns and brains cant handle, is dynamite. Throw a stick inside when he opens a window for a second. Fire bottles and snake oil do work also, just not nearly as well. You can also shoot Diego, but that takes time. Remember, his soldiers keep respawning infinitely, so dont try shooting them out first if they dont bother you.\r
When Diego comes out, hes easy. Back away and shoot him. Keep your distance to avoid his melee attack and occasionally go left and right to avoid his shots.\r
There, the mastermind behind the killing of your family has died. You had your revenge. All is good.\r
Now you can just go to Brimstone for one last time, have a whiskey and take it easy from now on, living off of all the gold you made bounty hunting. Right?