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Tiny Japanese Christmas Cake (Edible) - Kawaii Cooking - a tiny cooking show

Kawaii Cooking was a tiny cooking show, where I made small edible goodies from normal ingredients. It started late 2013 and ended start 2015 - New episodes are no longer made, but you can watch all existing episodes in the Kawaii Cooking playlist; \r
Tiny Japanese Christmas Cake recipe:\r
1 quail egg\r
2 ts sugar\r
1 ml margarine\r
1 tb flour\r
Soaking syrup:\r
1 ts Water\r
½ ts sugar\r
1 ts whipping cream\r
½ ts powdered sugar\r
1 strawberry\r
Instagram @akamerukawaii\r
Miniature/polymer clay craft channel: \r
Nail art channel: \r
Randoms channel: \r
Frequently asked questions:\r
Where did I get my doll stove?\r
I bought it used on a Danish site called - its much like ebay or amazon where you can sell both new and used items. The stove was used when I got it and the lady I bought it from only had this one, so the specific add does not exist anymore.\r
Where can you get one?\r
I cant specifically say where you can get one, but my best advice is to search ebay and amazon for Working Doll stove\r
How does the stove work?\r
I heat it up with candles as shown in the intro.\r
Is the food edible?\r
yes, its just like regular food only smaller.\r
Where do you get your cooking supplies?\r
Local kitchen supply stores and supermarkets.