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6 years ago

Maalik by Ashir Azeem

Starring: Ashir Azeem Farhan Ally Agha Sajid Hassan Hassan Niazi Adnan Shah Tipu Bushra Ashir Azeem Ehteshamuddin Rashid Farooqi Lubna Aslam Mariam Ansari Tatmain ul Qalb Erum Azam Pakiza Khan
Genre: Action Thriller, Drama
Directed By: Ashir Azeem
Release Date: April 8, 2016
Maalik’ is not a masterpiece yet isn’t something that should be missed. Watch it without any expectations and you might as well be surprised
Maalik is an unpolished film. It lacks coherence, makes aesthetic compromises on the stylistic side and tests the bladder’s optimum resistance. Yet you don’t feel like leaving the cinema.
While Ashir Azeem’s cinematic debut is a master class on how not to pace a film and how extended melodramatic scenes can cross the line between film and TV, it also manages to stand out from the league of extraordinarily-bad Pakistani films by getting two things right: having a soul and staying true to its purpose.