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I\\\'m Not Having Sex With My Sister

Tanisha thinks her fiancé Anthony is cheating with her sister Alisha. Tanisha wants Anthony to take a lie detector test to prove whether or not he's been faithful.

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The cheaters are coming out of the woodwork on today's MAURY! Did Amanda's fiancé really sleep with her own cousin? He denies it up and down, but will he ...

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Hey, what's going on, guys? Here is a funny upload. It's about some disturbing shit! Hit the subscribe, and like buttons if you enjoyed. & please comment :) -CJ or ...

Miley's Pov - OH MY GOD! -- Demi and Selena screamed at the same time. - I can't believe you 2 did it! -- Demi said. - That's awesome! -- Selena said too.

Night* MileyPOV: Justin looked at me. Justin: So you wanna see what I bought you in Victoria secrets? Miley: nope. He pouted. Justin: Why not? Miley: Cause ...

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I'm Not Having Sex With My Sister

I'm Not Having Sex With My Sister

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