7 years ago

Google, Kinvey spearhead development of healthcare apps on Compute Cloud

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Wibbitz Top Stories
Google is partnering with mobile software specialist Kinvey to help developers build convenient applications in the increasingly diverse mobile universe.
The apps are expected to meet HIPAA requirements and save developers tons of money that they would normally delegate to paying for their own servers.
The sticking point behind the duo's partnership is that Google Compute Cloud (GCP) will run the HIPAA-compliant mobile platform, making GCP the first public cloud with such a platform.
Public clouds are a huge set of servers, storage and networking owned and run by a singular company and then rented out to customers who don't want to build more of their own data centers.
Kinvey's technology delivers tracking and reporting tools to its customers in order to show where the data flows, as well as who has access to it.
Kinvey and Google hope to offer developers in sectors from health care to life sciences a secure way to build and launch their apps.
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