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One Two Buckle My Shoe | Nursery Rhymes Songs With Lyrics | Kids Songs

Sing along with "One Two Buckle My Shoe"!

Our friends are out learning some numbers today and they are having a lot of fun! But how are they learning them? Do you want to find out? Then come along and lets have some fun!

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"One Two Buckle My Shoe" Nursery Rhyme For Children Lyrics:

One, two,
Buckle my shoe;
Three, four,
Open the door;
Five, six,
Pick up sticks;
Seven, eight,
Lay them straight:
Nine, ten,
A big, fat hen;
Eleven, twelve,
Dig and delve;
Thirteen, fourteen,
Maids a-courting;
Fifteen, sixteen,
Maids in the kitchen;
Seventeen, eighteen,
Maids a-waiting
Nineteen, twenty,
My plate's empty.

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