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New Orbeez Crush Sweet Treats Studio Orbeez Toys | B2cutecupcakes

Giant Orbeez Pool I had tons of fun in this Orbeez Pool, I show you how I grow the Orbeez and then I had tons of fun in my orbeez pool with my Dolphin, I got .
Ims uper excited to show you the NEW Orbeez playset is call Orbeez Crush Sweet Treats and is super cool, I LOVE IT. You can make a huge cake and .

In this video I show you Giant Magic Orbeez and Slide play with magic jumbo water balz. I show you how I grow my giant orbeez I left some for 24 hours and the .
Hi Friends, I fill a bath tun with Orbeez and Balloon, theres millions of Orbeez, and the balloons made it so colorful, I pop the balloons wow I had so much fun .