7 years ago

Top 5 MIA KHALIFA Strange FacTS

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BEFORE Mia Khalifa rose to the top of the top of world of P0RN in 2015 and remained head over heels on top of the competition!
BEFORE Michael McCrudden did a Before They Were Famous video on Mia Khlaifa that brought in over 3.5 Million views.
BEFORE Michael did an UPDATED version that received an additional 1 Million views.
BEFORE another 1 Million watched Michael compare her work to that of his beloved Kendra Sunderland in a street fighter battle

Well let’s just say Mia Khalifa’s career allowed me to find success as a YouTuber and for that reason I will be forever grateful. I am making a Top 5 video on her now with some very strange facts – be sure to chec

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