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MotPhim Hoi
Link to book: http://www.hoiancharmingvillas.com/10-best-budget-hotels-hoian/
Have these best cheap hotels in Hoian as among your best selections for your next budget-friendly holiday in Vietnam. Discover this gorgeous and culturally rich town and UNESCO World Heritage Site without the need to break the bank, as these hotels offer great comforts, features and service quality, all while offering rates that are simply too good to pass. Add this to your bookmarked pages to help you in planning your next holiday to this favourite destination on the eastern coast.

All of these Hoian hotels welcome you to enjoy a pleasurable stay for less than 50US$. Saving so much on your room only means that you can spend more time and money discovering more of the highlight attractions of the popular area, including the old town with its vibrant cityscape that is laden with ancient pagodas, museums and natural attractions, as well as experiencing the exotic tastes through great local cuisines, and enjoyments at various entertainment spots within. Bottom line is that your holiday to Hoi An doesn’t really have to be expensive.