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My Thoughts on the 2016 US Presidential Elections - Addressing the Voters

WARNING: The following viewpoints presented in this video are strictly the viewpoints of the individual(s) in the video. If your mind is closed tighter than a virgin and can't process that thought and/or process the whole video before sharing your opinion, feel free to exit out of the video, internet browser, and disabling all internet connection. Thank you and enjoy the video :)

Clarification to those that misunderstood the title of the video: This video is addressing RADICAL voters on all spectrums. This video is NOT saying that ALL voters are obnoxious. The fact that some people have and will think this based on watching the video is crazy. The fact that I'm having to make a disclaimer for the video description is even more crazy.

Note: If you're going to call me out for being wrong about something I say in this video or any video for that matter, insults and not backing up your claims will have me take you as a joke. I for one have no problem with being wrong. However, I will never take you seriously if you're just going to insult and/or not cite sources as to how I'm wrong. With that being said, I still stand with how the voters act in America. Let's actually be the better examples and stay united despite differences of opinion.

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"PSA: You Better F*cking Vote"

[Clips used & incidences referenced]
"Crazy stupid racist trump supporters compilation."
"Donald Trump Supporter Sucker Punches Protester While Being Escorted"
"Fight breaks out at Trump’s rally in Richmond"
"RAW VIDEO: Violence erupts at Donald Trump rally in Chicago"
"SouthPark ''Vote or Die'' HD Clip"
"The Truth About the Anti-Trump Chicago Riot"

[References to Obama promises]
"Whatever Happened to Free Obamacare?"
"Obama seeks $500M to train, equip Syrian rebels"
"Obama asks for authorization to provide direct military training to Syrian rebels"
"Obama asks Congress for $500 million to train Syria rebels"
"White House requests $500 million to aid Syrian rebels"
"Obama Requests Money to Train 'Appropriately Vetted' Syrian Rebels"
"Obama 2007 vs Obama 2013 - NSA, FISA, and Patriot Act"
"9 Campaign Promises That Obama Has Broken"

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