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Disneyland Rides Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Full Ride POV) Disney World & California Adventure

Disneyland Rides & Disney World The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Full Ride POV) at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim. infaMOUSEproject is mostly Disneyland Rides in California 2015 & 2016, Shows, POV Attraction videos, Disney World Rides, and Disney California Adventure Ride in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim & at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Elevator is a ride at Disneyland in California & Paris and Disney World in Florida. Twilight Zone references- Rod Sterlings opening lines and appearance in the introduction video during the queue--Tonights story on The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This, as you may recognize is a maintanence service elevator, still in operation (and) waiting for you. We invite you if you dare to step aboard because in tonights episode, you are the star. And this elevator travels directly to.the Twilight Zone.are directly lifted from the episode Its a Good Life.\r
There is a display case in the exit hallway of the Tower Of Terror attraction at Disneyland that contains two items relating to the A Thing about Machines episode. One is a typewriter (with the GET OUT OF HERE FINCHLEY message); the card next to it reads Almost Writes By Itself. There is also an electric razor; its card reads Has A Long Cord - Can Follow You Everywhere. \r
The queue at California Adventure features a reference to the Twilight Zone episode Little Girl Lost. Chalk marks on the wall are in the same place they were in the episode when trying to find where the portal to find the girl was. This can be found in the upper level of the boiler room next to the attraction warning signage. Periodically the girls voice can be heard calling out for help from the wall and from the radios around the boiler room. \r
Outside the libraries at DCA, in the glass case adjacent to the doors there is a gold thimble accompanied by a card that reads, Looking for a gift for Mother? Find it in our Gift Shop! This is a reference to the Twilight Zone episode The After Hours \r
The floor indicator for each of the service elevators shows that the Hollywood Tower Hotel only has 12 floors, but the arrow moves past the 12 indicating a supposed 13th floor. This is another reference to The After Hours, recalling the experience of the main character who was sent to the 9th floor of the department store that only had eight floors. \r
One of the shafts at DCA (called Charlie shaft by its cast members) features the mirror scene below the hallway scene while the other two (Alpha and Bravo) feature it in the opposite position. This is because the engineering room (which contains all the computers that operate the attraction) is located behind the mirror scenes for Alpha and Bravo. \r
Both of the elevator exit areas of the Florida ride contain a display featuring, among other things the ventriloquist dummy Caesar from the Twilight Zone episode Caesar and Me. \r
In the lobby of the hotel on a dusty couch sits Talky Tina from the Twilight Zone episode Living Doll, at California Adventure. \r
In the library, the Mystic Seer machine from the episode Nick of Time can be seen sitting on the high shelf. \r
At DCA, an envelope with the name Rod Serling can be found in both libraries, near the sliding wall, a reference to the episode A World of His Own. In Library 1, it sticks out of the top of the green books. In library 2, it sits in front of the books. The green books contain titles of selected Twilight Zone episodes. Other books in the libraries are in various languages from around the world, including German and Danish. \r
According to Imagineers[citation needed], the attraction at DCA contains no Hidden Mickeys. This is because Imagineers wanted to put more effort into references from the Twilight Zone. \r
In Floridas queue just before the library, there is a board with white letters that announce various events scheduled at the hotel. Some of the letters have fallen to the bottom, and if you peer into the case, you can see that they spell out EVIL TOWER U R DOOMED. These letters have since been removed. Several petitions on the Internet are active in hopes of returning the letters to the directory in the Florida lobby.\r
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