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6 years ago

inFamous First Light Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 -Akurans Strike Back + Brent Playstation 4

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Infamous First Light Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 includes Mission 4 of the Infamous First Light Story in 1080p HD for PS4.


InFamous: First Light is a standalone downloadable content video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. First Light follows Abigail "Fetch" Walker, a character who first appeared in InFamous: Second Son. The plot will follow her story, which includes themes of heartbreak, drug abuse, and abandonment. New environments will be explored, such as Curdun Cay and the snowy mountains around it. Voice actress Laura Bailey will return to her role as Fetch.

Seven years ago,a small group of humans called "Conduits" emerged-each with the ability to manipulate and even weaponize a unique form of matter.
After a string of deadly incidents the Department of Unified Protection was created to hunt down and lock up Conduits in a specially designed "Detention facility" called Curdun Cay Station.

What you will find in the game:''infamousfirstlight'' ''infamous'' ''first'' ''light'' "review" "full gameplay"

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