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Cars 2 Complete Diecast Collection Tomica Takara Tomy Disney Pixar Kids Toys カーズ・トミカ

Cars 2 entire complete diecast collection from Tomica Takara Tomy Disney Pixar Cars, Cars2 and Cars Toons Maters Tall Tales ディズニー ピクサー カーズ . Also recommended by youtube toy channel is the Cars 2 Complete Diecast Collection Tomica Takara Tomy Disney Pixar Toys カーズ・トミカ.\r
There are 37 diecasts plus several special edition like Tokyo Mater Kabuki Lightning McQueen, rescue-go-go luigi and guido, police sally carrera, ambulance Fillmore & 3 planes from air mater including lightning hawk mcqueen and mater hawk, & of course 3-pack race team Shu todoroki with pitty n pit crew chief Mach Matsuo. All these are 1:64 scale diecasts from カーズ・トミカ. Thanks for watching my Unboxing of Cars 2 Complete Diecast Collection.\r
1:64 scale Takara Tomy diecasts collection カーズ・トミカ\r
Manufactured by: ディズニー ピクサー カーズ \r
Music by Kevin MacLeod.\r
According to Wiki Pixar Cars also called: Arabalar, Autogrotesky, Аутомобили, Мультачки, Hooks unglaubliche Geschichten, Les bagnoles animées, Le incredibili storie di Carl Attrezzi, カーズトゥーン メーターの世界つくり話, As Grandes Histórias do Mate, Os Contos de Mate, Los Cuentos de Mate, Байки Мэтра, Bujdy na resorach, Arabalar, Auta, Auti, Automobili, Autod, Autot, Bilar, Bilar, Carros, Carrinhos, LesBagnoles, Mankanebi, Masini, Ratai, Тачки, Tachky, Verdák, カーズ, Cars Motori Ruggenti, Cars Quatre roues, 汽車總動員2.\r
John Lasseter, the director of Disney Pixar Cars has announced Pixar is working on Disney Pixar Cars 3 about Radiator Springs.