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6 years ago

Assassins Creed Unity FPS fix low end GPUs PART 2

settings that are gonna be change are: VSync=0 Stretching=1 EnvironmentQuality=0 TextureQuality=0 ShadowQuality=0 ReflectionQuality=0 .
hey guys! after this game launched it barely ran at 15fps for my rig.. CORE i3 2120 3.3ghz 6gb ddr3 1333mhz HD 5750 game engine is not built properly so this .
Recently changed the channels name from The Slayer to GamerS CreeD. Dont let all my intros confuse you .
i3 2120 6gb ddr3 inno 3d gt440 hey guys! today we are playing ac unity in ultra low end gpu! to show u guys the performance in this low end gpu by nvidia!