Sri Lakshmi Sahasra Namam || Sri Lakshmi Devi Devotional Songs || Sri Lakshmi Devi Ashtothram

  • 8 years ago
Listen to Mesmerizing the ultra of Sri Lakshmi Sahasra Namam/Varalakshmi Talli Raavamma/Lakshmi Devi Songs/ Sri Mahalakshmi Dhyanam/Goddess Lakshmi Devi Devotional Song/Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram/Ayigiri Nandhini/Sri Ashta Lakshmi Telugu Devotional/Maha Lakshmi Stuthi/Lakshmi Devi Telugu Popular Devotional Songs/Dhanalakshmi Dhanya Lakshmi From the Album of "Sri Lakshmi Sahasra Namam".

Goddess Lakshmi means Good Luck to Hindus. The word 'Lakshmi' is derived from the Sanskrit word "Laksya", meaoth material and spiritual.ning 'aim' or 'goal', and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, b
Lakshmi is depicted as a beautiful woman of golden complexion, with four hands, sitting or standing on a full-bloomed lotus and holding a lotus bud, which stands for beauty, purity and fertility.

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