7 лет назад

20th Century Fox (1994-2010) Remake (Updated Version)

Same as before, but this time I used the sky from the real logo, I used Ethan James Tiltons Structure model from the Fox Studios Australia Remake but I added 20th Century Fox to it (Imported directly from YoshiTwi BonnieHDs old model), and altered the camera rotation and its focal length. I slightly altered the colours on the structure to closely match the real logo. I altered the signs in the Los Angeles streets by adding two new signs (fictional ones) and altered the Hollywood sign and the hills. etc.\r
I used Blender for the model and Sony Vegas for the beginning searchlights, the durations playback rate and adding in the audio.\r
Special thanks to Ethan James Tilton for the model, and YoshiTwi BonnieHD for the old model.