Pinocchio - Ive Got No Strings (Fandub)

8 yıl önce
Christian Fazzina: Pinocchio, Russian Puppets\r
Dante L: Dutch Puppet, French Puppet, Russian Puppet. (PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW.)\r
If you song like the song, An Actors Life For Me, then come check out my fandub version of it, I also voice Pinocchio in it: \r
I do not own the rights of Pinocchio, all rights go to Disney. I dont own any of the characters in Pinocchio or the songs, Disney does. I do not own the song, Ive Got No Strings, all rights go to Ned Washington. I do not own the rights of all characters and music because rights goes to Disney. Im only doing this video to show what I can do to impersonate Pinocchio. And for Entertainment Purposes only.