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How to Make Cotton Candy: Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Machine Review from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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Learn how to make cotton candy with the Jelly Belly cotton candy machine.\r
For this video, I purchased a Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Machine from Target Canada. I followed the enclosed directions, which were easy to follow, put the machine together, and started right away. I feel that this machine is great for people of all ages! *The inner core get quite hot, so kids should definitely be supervised while using the machine. \r
My machine came with 6 cotton candy cones as a bonus but what would have also been nice would have been the inclusion of the sugars. I tried making cotton candy with granulated sugar, and it worked, so perhaps that is why flavoured sugar isnt included in the machine package, but who wants to make white cotton candy?? I purchased an additional pack (Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Making Kit) of 2 different flavoured sugars (blue/pink) and more cones for another $20. If you are a died hard cotton candy fan, this would be a great investment, but if you are looking to make cotton candy for the masses, you probably want a machine that is larger and faster. It takes 5 minutes for the machine to heat up, another 1-2 minutes for the sugar to start to floss once added, and another 1-2 minutes to collect the spun sugar onto the cone. \r
Once the sugar is spinning, rolling the cone along the flossing ring can take some getting used to, but as long as you are moving the cone and catching the floss, there is not really a right/wrong way to do it. Stay away from the centre core though, as its heat will melt your spun candy, and it will also slice into your neatly piled floss! \r
All in all I think this is a great, fun machine! If youd like to see more machine reviews, let me know in the comment section! \r
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