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6 years ago

Specialist Abilities In Zombies - SHADOWS OF EVIL: New GUMBALL MACHINE - BLACK OPS 3 Zombies

Welcome to ACDE HD Gaming, your home of Call of Duty Zombies, here we slay every day at 6pm UK Time.\r
Today: Ducky brings all of the abilities from the Doctor (Dr) Montys Gumball Machine seen in the Shadows of Evil Zombies Reveal trailer at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday. Perk machines will also be on the map. The abilities will be activate-able just like specialist weapons in multiplayer. These abilities (so far) are:\r
- Red Ball: Spawn a random power-up drop\r
- Purple: Zombies ignore you for a short duration\r
- Purple and White: Explosion around you\r
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Name: Specialist Abilities In Zombies - New GUMBALL MACHINE\r
Game: Call of Duty (COD): Black Ops 3 (BO3)\r
Level/Map: Shadows of Evil Zombies\r
Series: Black Ops 3 News, Info & Theories\r
Gameplay: Call of Duty (COD): Black Ops İ (BO3) - Zombies: SHADOWS OF EVIL Reveal Trailer\r
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