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Vladimir Zhirinovsky discusses the status of the Russian language with Vladimir Putin

This video should be of interest to people who are very knowledgeable about Russian literature, language and culture. For the others we provided remarks to help them out understand people and events mentioned in Zhirinovsky's speech.
Russian politician Zhirinovsky spoke at the Federation Council about what everyone should do to protect Russian language from borrowing too many foreign words, when there are pure Russian alternatives.
Aired live on RT on: 24/12/2014

Many thans for translation and description to Zahinho
1. ‘’Dead souls’’ (1842), by Nikolai Gogol. Now, don’t get too excited about this. This is not some horror story with dead rising from their graves. This is a novel of Gogol, which basically shows some fraudster, who goes around, buying documents of peasants who already died, for cheap, to re-sell to others as living, to make money. You can read the English translation, and download it for free here (considered public domain):
Or read more information about it on WP page:
2. ‘’Woe from wit’’ (1823), by Alexander Griboyedov. I haven’t read it, nor saw the play (maybe I did, but I don’t remember). I don’t know what’s it about. You can read the actual play here, although idk if you will understand anything:
Or read more information about it:

3. ‘’Mumu’’ (1852), by Ivan Turgenev. So, this is a short story everyone is talking about. Shortly… It’s about a deaf and mute serf yardman – Gerasim, who was working at some rich noble woman, and who had nobody, but this 1 little dog that was constantly barking. So, cuz he was deaf, he didn’t mind, but the woman at some point got tired of it, and told him to get rid of it. So he went on a boat and drowned it.

The ‘’official’’ morale and explanation of the story, which Zhirinovsky doubts, is to show the cruelty of rich people towards poor and miserable.
You can read it translated here:

4. If you don’t know who Vasilyeva is. She’s this middle age bitch, who was involved in corruption case in defense ministry. They, together with this fat corrupted defense minister Serdyukov stole billions in defense contracts, if not trillions. Vasilyeva got 3 years or something, but it doesn’t matter now, cuz she went to prison for 2 months, and now she’s free. Serdyukov got released, didn’t served any time. It’s Russia for you, guys. The more you steal, the less time you do. Paradox? Consistent pattern? Pick your poison.
If you wanna read more about these 2 turds (not that you would want to), here is WP pages:
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