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Secrets of Sinawali - 04 - Earth Six

Max D
Are you dedicated to your advancement as a martial artist, but frustrated that you can't find a teacher who will take your skills to the highest level? Why waste your time learning from someone who lacks the experience and reputation as a top-tier martial artist when you can receive certification from a world class instructor? Many of the traditional martial arts schools have closed or gone underground, and the availability of quality schools is drying up due to the onset of MMA popularity and branding. That leaves people who are looking for meaningful martial arts systems to seek out other avenues of teaching and creative learning. This is why KI Fighting concepts, headed by Joseph Simonet and Miss Addy Hernandez, is expanding their training to online students.
We want you to have a chance to become a legitimate blackbelt in one of the most renowned and progressive martial arts systems in the world. If you are ambitious and dedicated to your craft, we invite you to become part of the KI Fighting Concepts online training program. This is a dynamic and challenging course that will push you outside of your physical and mental comfort zone, causing to you to grow in ways you never thought possible.
If you have never trained martial arts before, we will teach you essential movements that you can immediately and effectively utilize in a variety of real-world situations. For those more advanced students looking to achieve a higher rank, KI Fighting concepts online will recognize your many years of dedicated learning of martial arts. Similar to how academic credits transfer between school programs, if you already have a blackbelt in any legitimate martial art and you become certified in one of our programs, we will give you credit for training already received.

Although we are offering our online videos at no cost to you via youtube, we urge all potential students to visit paladin-press.com to purchase the DVD hardcopies of our material.

If you are ready to become a member of the KI Fighting concepts global organization, earn your certification or becoming an affiliate charter school, please contact sifu@kifightingconcepts.com or reach me, Joseph Simonet, on facebook.