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6 years ago

Wrestlemania 17 - TLC 2 Match - Edge & Christian vs Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz Highlights


This match is most memorable for the spear given to Jeff Hardy from midair. But, this match also has many other surprises.

Is Wrestling Fake?: Wrestling has been around for tons of years and since then, it has evolved into something new. Wrestling a long time ago was very painful. However, compared to today's, I'd say that today's wrestling isn't that dangerous. Here's why: Wrestling is entertainment -- think of it this way, TV shows are made for the sole purpose of entertaining the audience. This is what today's wrestling is -- entertainment. People may call it "fake" but trust me, there are risks to take when stepping into the squared circle. WWE may fake injuries for storyline purposes, but not all injuries are fake. Some injuries can lead to some very serious and even, life-threatening consequences. what I'm saying is that wrestling isn't fake. It's entertainment.

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