7 years ago

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 device: It's the $200 5-inch Lumia 650

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Wibbitz Top Stories
Microsoft has announced its latest Windows 10 handset, the Lumia 650, which goes on sale this week for around $200.
The mid-range device is for Windows 10 Mobile buyers who don't want all the bells and whistles available with Microsoft's Lumia 950, such as Windows Hello biometric authentication and Continuum, but need something a little more powerful than the entry-level Lumia 550.
To give the Lumia 650 a touch of luxury and appeal to the business user, Microsoft has wrapped the five-inch OLED display device in an aluminium frame, helping keep it lightweight and slender.
Microsoft boasts that the Lumia 650 is 6.9mm thick and weighs 122 grams.
The new handset comes as Microsoft continues to trim headcount in Finland after its Nokia devices acquisition.