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6 years ago

U.S. needs to seriously consider banning deadly pit bulls (and maybe Pitbull, too)

TomoNews Funnies
TomoNews Funnies
NEW YORK — The U.S. has a problem with pit bulls that needs to be addressed.

It's no question that Americans love their animals, especially dogs. Some owners may even take care of man's best friend better than they do their own children.

Reliable statistics on the pit bull population and attacks in the U.S. are hard to come by. According to research by editor of Animals 24-7 Merritt Clinton, pit bulls make up only six percent of the dog population, but they're responsible for 68 percent of dog attacks and 52 percent of dog-related death since 1982.

All dogs can bite, but since pit bulls are so strong, when they attack it can often be deadly.

It also doesn't help that many pit bulls are too strong for their owners.

Sure maybe the media is giving pit bulls a bad rap, but the fact still remains pit bulls still kill people, especially kids, on more than just a few occasions.

Maybe it's time the U.S. seriously considers banning pit bulls.


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