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6 years ago

Winter White-tail Deer Hunting

Hosts John Dudley explains Nock On is all about that moment when your archery emotion is at its pinnacle. Sometimes that moment comes when you have just arrowed the trophy of your dreams. Other times it could be that intense moment when you are loading your last arrow for one last shot at a competition. For some archers this moment may be when are in a tree stand or deep in the backcountries or on a cresting a mountain. For others it may be when you are standing on a 3D target stake or straddling a competition line. Nock On TV is a show that captures those moments in the field and shakes them up with some Nock N Roll to give entertainment to the generation X of archery. The goal for Nock On TV is to change the game and the way we see archery experiences with family and friends 365 days a year.It represents my generation of archers The X crowd --- the new breed of archers that are die hard passionate lifers to the sport. The guys that want to get better and practice year round, stay in shape and hunt everywhere they can. Soon there will be a website and formal announcement for Nock On TV and everything about it. The logo is a perfect reflection of what Nock On is and represents the Hard Nocki'n generation to hunting right now.