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6 years ago

How To Fix "Google Play Store No Connection Error" ?

How To Fix "Google Play Store No Connection Error" ?

Fix 1:
Correct date and time Settings

Step 1: Go to Settings ,and then Date & Time
Step 2: Check Automatic date & time.

Reboot your Device and Go to Play Store and check it .

Fix 2:

Clear Google Play Store App cache and data .

After that ,Reboot your Device and Try it .

Fix 3.

Remove or Change your Google(Gmail) Account ,and then go to play store and try it .

Fix 4:

Uninstall Updates of google play store ,and then try .

Fix 5:

Before doing this try all methods :

Factory reset your Phone or Tablet .

Step 1: Go to Settings ,and then Backup & reset.

Step 2: Click Factory Data Reset

Fix 6: Only For Rooted Phones or tablets

Step 1: Download .apk file for ES File Explorer at the below link and Install it in your Device :

Step 2: Open ES File Explorer and Enable Root Access .

Step 3: Go to Root of your Device ,and then tap on etc folder .

Step 4: Open Hosts file with text Editor ,edit it and remove everything .Type below line only localhost

Save it and Exit ,Restart your Device ,open play store and It should work .

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