8 years ago

Ford GTE LMS, Brands Hatch Indy, Assetto Corsa, i5 4690 R7 370

This car is so good and easy to drive with a lot of grip, or this is not a good (realistic) mod, because it's easy to drive.

Car here: http://depositfiles.com/files/pr45cva9m

FPS are 28 when hot lapping and 24 while racing at the back of the grid.

Intel® Core™ i5-4690 (6M Cache, 4 x 3.5 GHz, 3.9 GHz with Turbo)
MSI® Z97 Guard-Pro
Kingston® 16 GB (2 x KVR16N11/8)
Gigabyte® AMD® Radeon™ R7 370 (GV-R737WF2OC-2GD)
Transcend® TS256GSSD370S 256 GB
Seagate® Barracuda™ 7200 rpm 1 TB
Realtek® ALC892
HP® LA2205wg
A4Tech® N-500F
Dell® RT7D60
Corsair® VS 550
APC 1.5 KVA UPS (as backup power)
Windows® 8.1™ Pro 64 bit