BARBIE GOES TO JAIL & Barbie Dead Part 3 + Disney Princess Dolls & Barbie McDonalds Disney

  • 8 years ago
Barbie Dead Part 3 where Barbie and Mother Gothel go to jail! Barbie brings a police officer doll to the Barbie McDonalds to arrest MoGoth and put her in prison.
Barbie Splish Splash Pup Playset Frozen Kids and Spiderman doll parody. DisneyCarToys Barbie parody where Barbie needs to give her dog a bath.
Barbie dies at the Barbie McDonalds because Mother Gothel poisons her with a McDonalds cheeseburger. This is a part 2 of the DisneyCarToys Barbie Parody .
Barbie dies by poison McDonalds food from Mother Gothel. This Disney Frozen Barbie parody takes place after Barbie and Hans break up. Barbie flirts with all .