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6 years ago

‘Duct tape challenge’ leaves teen blind in one eye but glad to be alive

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
RENTON, WASHINGTON — “Skylar is an amazing 14 year old young man. Like most teens, Sky liked to do fun things with his friends that he didnt always like to tell me about, for fear of mom not letting him. Today, there are so many ‘challenges’ going around on social medias. Some are harmless, but most of them are really dangerous! Sky and his friends did a challenge, resulting in my son tripping over his own feet, falling and hitting his front face against a concret wall and metal window frame. Sky had a broken eye socket, wich pinched off his nerves to his eye, aneurysm on his brain and broken cheek bones. He has 48 staples on the top of his head that go ear to ear. This all happened on Jan 16th, 2016. He went under surgery and so far has been doing good his brain seems to be healing well, and his face and head. . Its still to early to determine the long term results of the sight in his eye, as of now its not showing any signs of sight.”

That very long paragraph is what a Renton, Washington mom wrote on a Go Fund Me Page for her teenage son Skylar Fish (we’re going to assume the trauma of the situation is responsible for the lapses in spelling and grammar). What 14-year-old Skylar went through was truly traumatic, although roughly 99.9 percent his own fault.

Skylar and friends were attempting the “duct tape challenge,” a dumb idea that’s been around for years in which people allow themselves to be taped to an item of some sort and then attempt to struggle their way to freedom.

As his mother Sarah’s account details, Skylar, who decided not to be taped to anything but rather be taped up while standing up, tripped over his own feet and incurred massive and near-fatal injuries. Sarah is now on a mission to spread awareness of how very wrong a silly “prank” or “challenge” can go.

At least the ice bucket challenge was supposedly for a good cause. But who wants their death certificate to read: “killed while attempting random dangerous Internet challenge no one remembers”?


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