Rapper Plies Physically Attacked, Thrown Off Stage By Fan At Concert [VIDEO]

8 yıl önce
Plies Attacked, Body Slammed at Tallahassee Concert | Plies Got Attacked While Performing In Tallahassee (VIDEO) In an unfortunate situation Plies was .\r
Plies Got Slammed On Stage While Performing At Concer In Coliseum Tallahassee Club | Plies attacked body slammed tallahassee concert video video Plies has .\r
The fan was thrown out of the building, courtesy of security. The crazy part . Plies got right back up on stage and continued rapping as fights were breaking out .\r
RAW VIDEO -- Dude Who Attacked Body Slam Slammed Guy that slammed Plies Explains Man Who Attacked Plies moody green Speaks Out Suplex On Stage .

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