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Marshmallow the Frozen Snow Monster Teaches Elsa ABC Alphabet Song

Cartoon TV Channel
Do your children love the music on Frozen as much as ours do? Give your babies something to sing about with our new video of Elsa and Marshmallow the Snow Monster learning the ABC Alphabet Song.

Watch your child delight in Marshmallow’s goofy smile and Elsa’s happy dancing as the letters of the alphabet appear by magic. Your child's rapidly developing brain will associate the letters with the sounds, facilitating an early development of language skills. As an added bonus, Elsa’s presence makes the learning process fun!

The simple charm and targeted design of our Elsa and Marshmallow alphabet video make it a perfect addition to your pre-literacy education plan.

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Video: Copyright 2015 Baby Learning World®.
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*** Disclaimer:
All Frozen characters and concepts belong to Disney. We do not claim rights to them. Frozen fans can go to and for the official website and Facebook page of Frozen.
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